I can guide you on your project, no matter where you are in the creative process. Are you bouncing around ideas, unsure of where to start? Have you written a draft of something and want a second pair of eyes? I have more than a decade of experience doing comprehensive editorial work for publishers, independent authors, agents, and non-profits. I have worked with writers of all ages and levels and offer thoroughsome would say obsessiveeditorial consultation on manuscripts, proposals, reports, and websites.

I truly enjoy the collaborative process. I am conscientious, supportive, and upbeat, but I am also honest when it comes to a work; I will tell you what I believe needs to be changed, and won't hold back. That said, I understand how important your work is to you, and want to help you make it something you will be proud of.

My services include:


*In-depth editing. Also known as developmental, substantive, or line editing, this may involve restructuring the work, expanding certain parts of the text, reworking style, character development, etc. This edit will aim to repair and improve the work as a whole. For an in-depth edit, I read through the entire manuscript twice: in the first round, I take notes about general impressions as I go along, and in the second, I review line-by-line, writing out queries and making suggestions for the perfection of the work. A line-edit will look something like the manuscript in the photo at right.

I do call out glaring grammatical issues, but I edit more for content and narrative flow. If you are self-publishing, I can recommend a few great copy-editors or proofreaders to work with once you revise.


*Read-and-review. I read through your manuscript or proposal once and evaluate the work, offering suggestions on how you can polish to perfection (for example, restructuring, style, character notes, etc.). This is not a line-edit, but I may mark a few notes within the manuscript as I read.

Manuscript editing and review fees include approximately two hours of consultation (in person, or by phone or video chat), as well as an editorial letter in which I provide an overview and explanation of the comments and queries that I have written throughout the manuscript, usually with examples from the text. I'm always willing to answer any questions on the publishing process and the marketability of your project.


*Personal essays. I am available to work with students (of all ages) to help them expand personal essays and improve their writing skills.

*Project development. Do you have a story idea but are not sure how to expand it into a full-length piece? I can help you outline and develop plot points, characters, and other elements before you start writing, whether you have initial material (a typed outline, blog post, notes on a bar napkin) or not.

I look forward to hearing about what you're working on and helping you fulfill your vision.

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