My name is Joelle Yudin. As a book editor, I have collaborated with authors on fiction and nonfiction titles* for two decades. I came up through the trenches of a top-tier publishing house; edited books by critically-acclaimed and award-winning writers, including Marcy Dermansky, Chad Kultgen, Mike Largo, and Arthur Nersesian​; and was the ghostwriter on a recent New York Times best-selling inspirational memoir.

I received my degree in Literature and Photography, and later studied design and education. I have worked with writers of all ages and stripes, across the globe, from Los Angeles to Kigali, and from Texas to Australia. New York is my home, but thanks to the Internet, I am able to advise writers no matter their location.

*List of edited and published works available upon request.








Testimonials from clients who found me through Reedsy can be viewed here.

"As my editor, Joelle Yudin wears many outfits. She's a cartographer mapping the overview of my novel—its character arcs, timeline, and continuity. She's a detective hunting down pesky inconsistencies, a surgeon using a finely sharpened scalpel to excise my verbal cancers, and a builder who not only keeps a keen eye on the foundation but supports my unique voice. Thanks Joelle for your dedication, your expertise, and your unflinching honesty throughout my projects." —S. McGraw


"Joelle's attention to detail is incredible.  When I reviewed her notes in my manuscript, I was amazed at how easily she not only spotted issues but how she also proposed solutions.  For the first time in my life, Joelle made me feel like I had a professional partner to help me refine my work.  I'd highly recommend Joelle's services to any author who is serious about taking their work to the next level." J. Rush


"It has been such an enormous pleasure to work with Joelle. I could gush (and I will), but an example might do a better job of describing how great she is. When I sent her my manuscript about six months ago, it was a shambles. The plot meandered, the characters were pretty flat, the writing was 'eh' at best.... In our first client meeting, she wowed me with her deep insights about possible improvements, and with the way she made suggestions, but not demands. Joelle made my work improve, she made ME improve, with each thought, each note and each conversation. If that isn't a great editor, I don't know what is. We are still working together, and I hope she will work with me on many projects to come!" F. Kaplan


"Joelle Yudin taught me why every good writer needs an editor. Joelle's instincts are impeccable. Her suggestions are gold. My first novel, Twins (a New York Times Editor's Choice Pick) is a better book because of her." M. Dermansky

Testimonials from clients who found me through Reedsy can be viewed here.